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What is the BAPT?


"A well informed professional association which remains active and relevant through the hard work of its volunteers"

The Bahamas Association of Physiotherapists (BAPT) is a non-profit professional association of licensed healthcare practitioners who represent the Physiotherapy profession in The Bahamas.  The Association exists to be the primary vehicle which governs the affairs of the Physiotherapy profession, providing leadership and educational resources to promote the development of the profession and its members in The Bahamas.


There are 73 registered Physiotherapists in The Bahamas. The Health Professions Council manages and regulates the registration and licensure process for Physiotherapists in The Bahamas. The BAPT was founded in 2000 and is made up of members as well as an elected executive committee that serve a two year term. We seek to create an impact on the community by:

  • Making available access to quality healthcare for all

  • Facilitating long-term sustainability of our profession

  • Increasing savings for the healthcare system overall

  • Encouraging cultural and professional competence

  • Increasing professional visibility and appreciation

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide direction, leadership and education to the Physiotherapy profession through broad-based consultation with its members and other disciplines of the health care profession. 

Our Vision

1. To be the representative voice of the physiotherapy profession within The Bahamas

2. To be a cohesive group of professionals that offer a consistently high quality of physiotherapy care to the community we are called to serve.

3. To be recognized by Physiotherapists of accredited programs as an essential aspect of their professional lives by encouraging such therapists to be active participants within the association.  

Executive Committee 

President - Dr. DeVonnia Bonimy-Lee, DPT, WCS, CLT-LANA

Vice President - Cottrice Robinson, 

Treasurer - Heather Hanlan

Secretary - Dr. Kathryn Taylor-Hennis, DPT

Public Relations - Autira Newbold

Special Interest - Dr. Kereen Sherwood-Wallace,  DPT, CEAS, CKTP, D-FIDN


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