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Image by Anupam Mahapatra



The BAPT was started in 2000 and has had several influential leaders who have served on the board to help further the Physiotherapy Profession 

2000-2002          Rhoda Hanna                                                     (Not Pictured)

2002-2004          Heather Hanlan

2004-2006          Sheldon Prince  

2006-2008         Michelle Woods (O'Neal)                                

2008-2010          Michelle Woods (O'Neal)

2010-2012           Christina Messara                                             

2012-2014           Heather Hanlan


2014-2016           Kitiboni Adderley

2016-2018           Kitiboni Adderley (Christina Messara)

2018-2020          Khalid Hanna (Talitha Wood-Taylor)

2020-current     DeVonnia Bonimy-Lee

Heather Hanlan's Official PHA Portrait 2023 copy.jpg
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