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Letter From the Executive:

August 17th, 2022

Welcome to the BAPT 2022-2024!


       The BAPT has been transitioning to its new Executive Committee of committed volunteers who are essential to our many programs. The opportunities provided to our members and the momentum of the profession in the Bahamas requires a large commitment of time on an on-going basis. Our volunteers offer their time and talents to be the professional representatives for the BAPT.


       The Bahamas continues to undergo significant changes in infrastructure, economic development and access to affordable, high-quality services in healthcare. Many residents are also noticing the refocus on health and wellness and as a result, Physiotherapists are actively pivoting from outpatient clinics to homecare to afterschool athletes and to group class offerings to meet the needs of our diverse demographic.


       The BAPT maintains stability for its members during these ever-changing times and we continue to work in support of our members’ professional needs. Our members will continue to enjoy:

  • BAPT led updated national standards for the guidelines for contemporary Physiotherapy practice

  • Full access to Physiopedia clinical resources

  • Membership Organisation status with World Physio

  • Protection of Virtual Physiotherapy services for local providers

  • Affordable access to PPE for Physiotherapists

  • A unique BAPT - VENDOR discount program

  • Ongoing communication via the professional website and government agencies

       As we near the end of 2022, continue to support your association by paying your dues, sharing your goodwill through photos and videos using the hashtag #bapt242, connecting with us regularly on social media, attending BAPT meetings and volunteering.


       It is our great pleasure to be able to celebrate this year THE 20 YEARS of the Bahamas Association of Physiotherapists’ existence as a non-profit organisation. Stay tuned for the events planned for this celebration and remember to stay connected with the current and the new Physiotherapists coming on board through the HPC.


       Thank you for your commitment to the association and let’s continue to keep ourselves and our communities safe!




Executive Committee BAPT 2022-2024

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