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BAPT Members Take Part in PT Day of Service

PT Day of Service, also known as PTDOS, is a day that is recognized by Physiotherapists around the world to give back to their communities. As Physiotherapists, service embodies who we are and what we do and we believe that transforming lives does not stop in the clinic.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the association had restricted options for ways to serve this year that would maintain the safety of both the members and people of the community who were being served. In lieu of this, the BAPT decided to partner with Hands for Hunger and host a food drive for the month of October. BAPT members also participated in the Hands for Hunger 'Each One Feed One' Matching Challenge and donated a total of 8 food boxes which provide food for families for 1 week. In addition, BAPT Grand Bahama members donated to the Reach out Grand Bahama Organization which is also a food assistance program.

Thank you so much to everyone that participated in this initiative!

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