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Get Ready For World PT Day

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

September 8th is World PT Day! This is a day created by World Physiotherapy (WPT) to create awareness about the imperative contribution physiotherapists make to society, enabling people to achieve their optimal physical potential and independence. This year WPT has chosen #PPE4PT as their hashtag for the holiday and is using the opportunity to draw attention to the critical role that Physiotherapists play in maintaining the health of individuals around the world during the coronavirus pandemic.

Because of the nature of the profession, many Physiotherapists are being placed in unacceptable risk because they are not being provided with the correct personal protective equipment they need to do their jobs.

Jonathon Kruger, World Physiotherapy chief executive officer, said:

"Coronavirus is impacting every country in the world. We represent physiotherapists in 121 countries. Our member organizations are telling us their members are being encouraged to see patients without having the appropriate level of personal protective equipment. This is risky and unacceptable. The lack of personal protective equipment increases the risk physiotherapists will contract this disease at their workplaces. We call on governments around the world to provide the correct personal protective equipment for all physiotherapists. Our #PPE4PT advocacy campaign will support our member organizations and help them raise the issue of personal protective equipment for physiotherapists with their governments."

The BAPT will be using the month of September to raise awareness about the role that the Physiotherapy profession plays in maintaining healthy communities and will also be echoing the initiatives started by World Physiotherapy to prompt the Bahamian government to provide adequate PPE for its members.

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